Post ITA Digital Photo in Dallas (Plano area)


Hi All,

I got my ITA and I am looking for a photographer to take my digital photograph to submit for my PR application.

I would really appreciate if you have any recommendations in and around the Plano, Texas area for taking said photo?



Try- V4 Visas Passport Photo and Notary Services @ 820 West Spring Creek Parkway Suite 400-G, Plano, TX 75023. phone: (214) 396-8120.

I found this online . I have not called then or been there yet but when i read certain reviews I think they can do a canada PR photo.


Hi @ram,

Thanks for your recommendation. I just spoke to them over phone and they said they do both 35x45mm and 50x70mm variations. Infact the owner said they do 15-20 such photos every week. I will go to their place today and get it done.

Thanks a lot for your response.



Cool:+1: You’re welcome.


Quick followup question @ram

I only need to ask for one digital jpeg of the photo and upload the same as long as it meets the size and dpi requirements, correct?


One should be good for now. once the application is approved you may need two more photographs with the same spepcifications ( but not more than 6 months old).


Thanks @ram! Really appreciate you taking time to answer my queries :slight_smile:


You’re welcome👍🏻


I took photographs at walgreens and it worked fine for PR. They have a kiosk where you can choose the country and I chose Canada and just double check that dimensions match the requirements.


V4 at W SpringCreek Parkway is unable to provide the exact pics with the required dimensions. I wasted my money there. Later did it myself at home and it worked just fine. I’ve a licensed software to do that. If you want, I can do it for you. Else, you can also try at Walgreens as mentioned above. I would not recommend going and spending at that V4 studio next to India Bazaar on W SpringCreek Parkway.