Post ITA Profile completion- Education, Work, IELTS

Hello ,

My name is Abhishek and have received ITA in November , I have following questions and would greatly appreciate if anyone can clarify the below

  1. My highest degree is Masters Degree and have ECA through WES and have claimed points only for Masters when I created EE profile. But post ITA in the education section it asks for all the education that I have done in previous 10 years. Should I mention Bachelors , Schooling info in this section, I dont have them evaluated, would that affect outcome.
    I have seen in other forums that only highest degree should be mentioned and rest can be mentioned in personal history section

  2. I have entered passport issued date as 24 - March -2013 by error when EE created but it should be 25- March-2013. I have the ability to edit passport entry dates and also similarly for IELTS test result date I have entered the day I received results online 10/15/20. Now I have official TRF and date is 10/10/20 different from result received date. Which date should I use

  3. For current experience letter I only have reference letter without job duties but have letters from previous employers which would fulfuill 3 years of experience that I claimed points for. What additional documents should I upload for current employer along with reference letter


  1. The main asks for all education, work and travel history. They don’t ask for proof and it does not affect your score. This is only for their information.

  2. Inform IRCC using web form about the error in passport issue date, I don’t think it will be a major problem since it does not affect your score. I did not understand what you said about IELTS result date, how is it connected to the passport issue date. For IELTS results date you should write the date given on the TRF; you might be able to do this using web form as well. Or mention it in the letter of explanation. Either way I do not think this will disqualify you since it does not affect your eligibility.

  3. Ideally you need reference letter with duties that correspond to your claimed NOC as give on IRCC website at the very least, and add paystubs, offer/resignation letters as additional proof (which employer it comes from is immaterial as long as it conforms with your NOC).