Post ITA queries, please help!

Hello all,

I received my ITA and planning to submit in couple of days. I have few questions regarding history section.

  1. For travel history, how we should make entries?

I have left US on Jan 2017 and staying and working in India since then. So should i select this trip as ongoing?

Also the entries from and to is leaving india to us and coming back to india (stamps) or leaving india and landing in USA?

For example, I left Apr 15 2016 from US and reached india on Apr 17 2016. I stayed for couple of months and returned back to US on July 7th 2016 (Indian stamp of departure was July 6th 2016)

So will the travel history entry be from Apr 15 2016 to Apr 17 2016 or Apr 15 2016 to July 7 2016?

  1. Personal history does not have days, just months and years. So how can be accurate and not miss a day? Since i am answering yes to Statutory questions, i am filling schedule A form. So can i add days to personal history section or should i go ahead with only months and years?

Thanks a lot!

If I remember correctly I had mentioned my first one-way trip from India to US when I first came here. I then did not mention any trips between US and India since they were between my country of origin (India) and residence (USA).
If you feel safer to mention all trips do so, I don’t think it will negatively affect your application, but you don’t need to.
Any third countries you travel to should be mentioned. If they’re only asking for month/year then just mention that. It should be contiguous. Anything where you weren’t actually student/employee etc should be mentioned as “unemployed”, it doesn’t affect your PR evaluation.

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I have quick question. I made a trip to canada in June 2011 by road. I can see the stamp by niagra falls customs when I entered canada but couldn’t find one when I came back to US a week later. I entered via Michigan border If I remember correctly. Issue is I don’t know what to write as return date on post ITA application. More over, I’m not able to recall the exact return date. I was on F1 visa back then. has anyone experienced the same problem.

Check your i94 record online.
It’s normal sometimes for CBP on US-Canada border not to give you a physical stamp.

Thanks avj.

Yes I already tried pulling travel history on I94 website with old/expired as well as new PP. They don’t show the records prior to 2013 :frowning:

You can try calling CBP helpline see if they can provide you with the date. Or check your travel details in your mailbox etc.