Post ITA - Work Experience

Do I need to submit documents for all the jobs I have listed in my Work history section post ITA ?, currently I am submitting service letters only for the job I am claiming points for, let me know, thank you

Only the ones you added in EE profile and later in Work experience section post-ITA. Everything else goes in Personal History section.

Yep thats what I did, because it asked me to provide documents for each work experience I entered in work history section. I ended up putting everything except the experience I claimed points for in personal history section. Thanks !


I am claiming points for 4 out 6 Jobs that I have done , have entered the same in work history.

Do i need to add 6/6 jobs in Personal Activities section? because it says make sure there are no gaps

Thank you

Can you claim Unpaid experience ? if you have the work experience letter from CEO and HR ? Worked Remotely from Australia for a company outside Australia.

No it has to be paid work. In proof of work experience letter CIC clearly states adding annual salary to the letter as well.

See Proof of Work Experience section.

If they were in the last 10 years, add them to the Personal Activities section.

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Thanks for your reply Bhai.

Yes you need to add everything significant that you did (job, education, unemployed etc) in the personal history section and not have any gaps.

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