Post ita, work history, month/date change of one job, does not affect CRS score + education, need to add more?

Hello Dear Members,

I am new to this forum.

In early May i got ita, now i’ve noticed that pre-ita, the starting month of one non-canadian job i put was month D ; however, as i looked through previous applications (such as for study visas and work visas), regarding this job, the starting month i put was all ( D minus 3 ) month (3 months ahead of D). Now i’ve recalled the reason … I had 3 probation months for this job during which salaries were paid however the boss didn’t pay my relevant social insurances until i passed the probation period. Before ita when i was creating EE profile, i especially checked a brochure called “working manual” which is sort of an employment/insurance record brochure issued by my home country local authorities. It states that job officially started from month D, when my corresponding social insurance started as well. Of course the fact is i actually started in month D-3, with salary but no insurance (saved that boss some money).

What shall i do? Change the starting month to D-3, which would be consistent with my previous visa applications, or, do no modifications.
And the change does not affect any CRS score for sure.

If i change, will it be any record automatically generated to show any discrepancy?

Another question, regarding study , pre-ita i only filled my canadian educations, one of which can claim points; i didn’t put any other educations back to my country such as bachelor study, high school study, etc. Shall i add them now? is it a must? these studies don’t claim points as well. Suppose i add, will i be required to provide some sort of credential assessment certificates? And these non-canadian educations were out of the latest 10 years, so i don’t think i can list them in personal history.

Well, wish some of you can provide some opinions/suggestions.

Very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!