Post PPR photos rejected for COPR

Hello all,
Below is a timeline of events:
PPR “Ready for Visa” Email: 01/22
Passport & Photos Sent: 02/08
Documents Received by CPC: 02/10
Status changed to approved: 02/12
Email requesting new photos: 02/12
New photos sent & Received by CPC: 02/18.

Any idea how soon will we receive our passports and COPR? Will the rejection of photos lead to a delay in receiving our passports?
We have some international travel scheduled for 03/18. Just a little concerned about receiving our passports on time.

You should be fine! 3/18 is a lot of time. I had to send my photos twice :slight_smile: If resubmitted photos are good, you should have passports returned in a week.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. How soon did CIC respond after you sent the 1st correction?

I’d say 5 - 7 days.

Got it! Thanks.
Hopefully I see something in the next week or so.

I am also in the same boat, mine dates for resending photographs is 2/12…
give a reply once you get your PP.

You still haven’t heard from them?
Did your status on the CIC portal change to approved as well ?

Just a quick update.
My return mail tracker got activated today on Feb. 21.
That was quick wasn’t expecting it to be so quick

not yet

I am in the same boat. Our passport was returned first time from IRCC delhi without stamping for incorrect photo dimensions.

Submitted again. Return tracker activated unusually quick. Not sure if this is normal. Also do you remember if your GCkey got updated with counterfoil details ?