Post PPR photos rejected for COPR

Hello all,
Below is a timeline of events:
PPR “Ready for Visa” Email: 01/22
Passport & Photos Sent: 02/08
Documents Received by CPC: 02/10
Status changed to approved: 02/12
Email requesting new photos: 02/12
New photos sent & Received by CPC: 02/18.

Any idea how soon will we receive our passports and COPR? Will the rejection of photos lead to a delay in receiving our passports?
We have some international travel scheduled for 03/18. Just a little concerned about receiving our passports on time.

You should be fine! 3/18 is a lot of time. I had to send my photos twice :slight_smile: If resubmitted photos are good, you should have passports returned in a week.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. How soon did CIC respond after you sent the 1st correction?

I’d say 5 - 7 days.

Got it! Thanks.
Hopefully I see something in the next week or so.

I am also in the same boat, mine dates for resending photographs is 2/12…
give a reply once you get your PP.

You still haven’t heard from them?
Did your status on the CIC portal change to approved as well ?

Just a quick update.
My return mail tracker got activated today on Feb. 21.
That was quick wasn’t expecting it to be so quick

not yet