PPR Photo - incorrect size- photo reject?

Hi guys,

I sent my passport and other documents via Fedex couple of days back. However, I just noticed that I sent photos with incorrect specification : missed to write name and DOB at the back of photo, however studio details and date of photo taken is mentioned .

My questions -

  1. Shall I send set of new photographs right away or wait till I get email about request for new photographs?
    I don’t want to delay the process due to certain constraints I have so I need to travel for my first landing in next 1 months time ideally.

  2. Do they return the passport and asks us to resend everything again with the new photographs or do they just request for only photographs while keeping the passport with them in the meanwhile?

  3. Anyone in the group who faced the similar issue?

  4. Will this in anyway impact my PR application (returning passport or rejecting the application) other than request for new photos and potentially a delay in approval?


Send an email to the address mentioned in your PPR mail and tell them about the photos. If they ask you to resend the photos, just send them as soon as you can.

  1. If they think photos need to be re-sent they will contact you. I don’t know if there’s any process where you can physically send additional documents unless they specifically ask for it.

I think you should make alternate plans, just in case there is a delay due to photos.

  1. No, you will likely get an email and they will only ask for the photos and the printout of the attached pdf that has the message asking for new photos.

  2. Yes, but not during PPR. For me it was after landing; the photos were old/not upto specs for the PR card so I got an email. My guess is they will accept the photos as you sent them and ask for new ones after you land. But in any case you should take a new set and this time make sure all details are present.

  3. No they won’t reject the application. They don’t have a photo on the PR visa. They will have one of the photo attached to your CoPR document.

Thanks @mrandmrs, yup did it a day after passport were delivered but no response as of yet - it’s been exact 8 days so I guess need to wait for some more time :frowning:

Thanks @avj, make sense - will look for some alternate options. I think I will carry an extra set of photos with me while doing the soft landing and check with them if they need new set of pics with all the details, just in case.

Hi @gondekar.aparna

  1. did you receive your ppr?
  2. Did they ask you to resubmit the photographs?


Hi @a_v
Yes we got it in April, pretty quick actually - wasn’t expecting such a quick turn around :slightly_smiling_face:

No they didnt ask for new photographs.