PR card delivery to USA

Our PR cards were sent to my friend’s place in Canada.
Now I want it to be shipped to the US. I’m planning to use either FedEx or UPS. Has anyone got it shipped this way recently? Is it advisable to get it shipped via a courier service?
Please share any info if you are aware.

I have used UPS to get them to California from Toronto last year. No issues.

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Same. In 2019 Nov, no problem at all

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My friends shipped mine via Canada post and I got it no issues (this was recent - about a month ago or so)

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Better get it shipped with a next day delivery or max two days delivery to have less worries and waiting for a satisfied mind.
Fedex or UPS any is fine … compare price for Next day or 2 day deliveries

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Thank you all for the response :slight_smile:

Can we create an international return label from US in our name and share this with our friends so they can just show the label and mail the PR cards at the Fedex office?

Yes you can do that… Or even you can create a label from fedex CA website…
or if anyways your friend will goto fedex store to drop it then why don’t you ask him/her to pay directly in store and get label instantly…

I mean All 3 options r good…

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Thanks. I was just thinking that if I create the prepaid label my friend need not worry about paying so there is less hassle.

How long did it take for the card to arrive?

Hi, can you please explain if your received the card and if you use it to return to Canada, were you asked how did you get the card since you have nit returned to Canada since you landed? I want to know if it is not allowed to get the card by mail and if that could be trouble or it is ok. I will appreciate if your or anyone here can share their experience or knowledge about this point. Thanks

@Wally20 no one will ask you anything when you return to Canada; at the airport you scan you pr card at the kiosk and you are done, you exit the airport.

Thanks, I am planning to go by land, would that make a difference? End if someone asks , is there anything wrong with having the card mailed? Any idea?

Hi @Wally20 , The cards have been delivered but I am yet to receive them as I am not in Canada right now.

May I know if you got your cards mailed? Can you please let me know when you got your cards and did you use UPS or FedEx?

Hi, No I am still waiting for the cards and was just wondering if I leave and they arrive while I am outside Canada, is it OK if they get mailed to me. I wanted to make sure it is OK before I travel , otherwise I will wait for them.

People who used FedEx/Ups, did you have to attach custom specific disclaimer document along with your package? My UPS label mentions the contents as Immigration Documents. Although the UPS customer service scared me by asking to attach the commercial invoice as well.

Hi I am yet to start creating the label. Did you provide the disclaimer document, is it mandatory? How to get disclaimer document?

Can you please tell what should we select the document type as when creating the label? Are we supposed to attach anything else with it?