PR card did not get delivered

Hi, I got the application update on 27th Jan 2021 that my PR card has been mailed. I had provided my friend’s Canadian address for delivery. It has been 3 months and PR card has not arrived yet.

  1. Did anyone get their PR card 3 or more months after it was dispatched? Is there anyone in the same situation? What is the recommended next step in this situation?
  2. Has anyone reached out to any Canadian law firm who can receive the PR on client’s behalf?

Thanks in advance!

I would suggest you call IRCC and let them know you haven’t received the card yet.

What you should do - Call IRCC and ask them for an update. As @deepac suggested.

I had two issues with my PR Card:

  • Photo wasn’t as per the specification - I sent an updated one

  • They didn’t have correct address on the file. I called them and asked them to send it to correct address. I was able to get it 2 weeks after my call with them.

Hope this helps.

Hi Adi,

Our PR card was lost in the mail. We fax-ed (or you can mail) the solemn declaration form. The only problem with this process is that nothing gets updated on your online portal until your fax and mail is processed.

It was quite frustrating as we had no visibility and calling IRCC did not help as they had to wait for the department that processes it update the system. This was back in January and we had sent our fax in October. One of the agents finally mentioned that it takes around 4 months for them to update the system. And it actually turned to be around end of Feb (roughly 4 months from October) when our system got updated and they dispatched the new cards right away. We received them in a week. Don’t forget to update your address if it has changed.

Hope this helps.