PR Card mail tracking

So I did a soft landing to accept the PR in Jan 2019 and provided one of my friends Canadian address to mail out the PR Card. They mentioned it might take 2 months to deliver the card. It has been almost 3 months now and my friend haven’t received any mail yet.

I contact CIC via their Contact Us - Webform, explaining the situation but haven’t heard anything from them yet.

Did anyone else encounter this issue ? If yes, how did you track down your mail / PR Card ? Are there any known delays in Canada Post service ? Did you recently received your PR Card if you accepted the PR around my timeline ( ~Jan 2019 ) ?

Any pointers will be helpful!.. Thanks!

I think it’s taking a bit longer these days, I hear it’s taking 2 - 3 months. On the website it says the average is 50 business days , so the timing lines up

It says 33 days for new PR cards:

Back in January the processing time was like 2+ months, unfortunately. They sped things up starting in mid-February. I landed in late February and my card was processed and mailed out in exactly 4 weeks. Some folks who landed in March have seen turnaround times as short as 2 weeks.

If you haven’t, you can link your PR card application to your online GC key account (if you have one). There is a link towards the bottom on the page where the applications you’ve submitted (Express Entry profile, eAPR, etc.) are shown that says “Did you apply on paper or don’t see your online application in your account? Add (link) your application to your account to access it and check your status online.” You can look up your PR card application using whatever information combo you have available (I think I used birth date and UCI from my CoPR).

Note that this doesn’t always work, but it can let you know whether they’ve sent your card out or not if you are able to link it.

Note also that they ask you to wait 6 weeks after they indicate that the card has been mailed before you contact them asking about the card.

@northern - Thanks for your reply.

As a part of Express Entry, we don’t need to submit a separate PR card application right ? I think once we accept the PR after first landing, they issue a PR card as part of Express Entry application.

I am aware of “Linking your application to your account” status check but I don’t have any other application to link to. I went ahead and tried anyway and as expected I got a message “No records found”.

I’ll probably try to submit a new PR Card application if I didn’t hear anything in next few days.

That’s too bad, perhaps you fell into the group of individuals who just aren’t able to link.

Did you provide a Canadian mailing address when you landed? The officer who signs your CoPR should initiate your PR card process on your behalf when you land, but they might hold off if you didn’t give them an address or if you told them you were soft landing. Usually this can be fixed in the first 6 months by updating your address on file through their web tool or over the phone, as the web tool doesn’t always work.

We checked the status of our PR cards. It says "We mailed your permanent resident card to you. Your card can take up to six weeks to arrive.’
Does anyone know if it really takes 6 weeks for them to just mail the card?

Our PR cards were approved and mailed on May 30th. Haven’t received the mail yet. The mailing address is in Brampton (Ontario)

Is there any way to track it?

I also checked the status online. it says: We mailed your permanent resident card to you. Your card can take up to six weeks to arrive.

It doesn’t usually take that long, but sometimes mail gets a bit delayed. Usually it takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks, sometimes faster, sometimes a bit slower. They say 6 weeks to make sure that Canada Post has ample time to get it to you even with delays and unforeseen circumstances. They want to avoid situations where people call incessantly asking where their card is when it is unlikely that there is any issue (just slow mail).

@dskhokhar I don’t think there’s a way to track the card since it’s mailed in a regular envelope without tracking (as far as I know, anyway). Give them the full 6 weeks before asking about it, though.

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I am trying to link PR card application to my account, but I am getting no records found. What am I supposed to do? Is there any way we can know the status of PR card delivery?

I had the same issue with my PR card when I was waiting for it to arrive. There was no way to track it. Got it around the 60 days after landing (early last year).