PR Card Tracking: Have folks received PR cards?

Hello all,

We soft landed via road in Oct 2021. We were able to link our PR card applications to CIC and it only shows the status as “Submitted”. We did get a ghost update in December but no change to the status after that day.

Anyone who soft landed from June - Dec 2021 – Have y’all received your PR cards already? Any information will be helpful!

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We received our PR card 2 weeks back (Inland - portal email was in the first week of Dec) - Strange part is my kid and I got it but my wife didn’t yet receive it. Any one in the same boat ? Do they process by last name ?

Hey @swamiom so you’re an inland applicant if i understand correctly? You didn’t have to soft land at one of the borders?

If you can post your timeline, that’d be great!

Yes - PNP inland applicant. For us no need to visit the border - everything was done online. Got COPR in Dec 1st week and received PR card for my kid and myself on Jan 12th

Hi @ameha,

I also did not receive my PR Card.
I am trying to reach out to IRCC, but cannot contact them.

My last hope is that I have sent couple of web forms. Waiting for them to reply.

Hi Folks,

I have landed in July 2022. Not sure how to link the PR card status to CIC ?
Can anyone help?

@swamiom did you receive you’r wife’s PR card? if yes how long you had to wait ? also is there any way to contact to get a tracking on PR card?

Yes it came around end of March