PR LANDING EXPERIENCE from US-September 08, 2020-Peace Bridge

Here you go with our experience-

Location: Peace Bridge port of entry(Buffalo)
Date : September 08, 2020
Time : 8.30 AM
Status: expired F1 visa and approved H1B copy and spouse on expired F1 visa

First officer:

  1. purpose of visit- complete the soft landing procedures and return to Usa on the same day.
  2. Handed yellow slip stating ”Landing and Return” and guided to pull forward and park the car at number-11 and asked to go inside where we have double door (simple- get into stone building adjacent the parking lot)

Second officer : ( for some reason they are not so friendly as mentioned by few folks in the forum- assuming it is because they are just starting the day~ be positive

  1. confirmed if we would like to return after completing the landing - confirmed yes
  2. Statutory questions- firearms, bla bla…
  3. When are we planning to return permanently?- replied that our transfer is in progress and plan to move in couple of months
  4. Asked proof of funds
  5. Initially refused to apply for the PR since officer assumed we don’t have any address but told clearly that ABC is the address we are moving soon and she considered that processed the PR Delivery for the Canadian address within 10 weeks or more
  6. Signed the documents and given back the passports with the COPR copy
  7. If you have the goods to follow, another officer will assist you

Third officer: For goods to follow

  1. Took the passports and reviewed it
  2. Asked GTF?-Handed the goods to follow sheet and bsf186. This was reviewed by officer and marked stamp on a all pages for the GTF
  3. Routed to another officer to take the stamped GTF LIST and confirmations
  4. Find the U TURN TO USA where you parked the car incase the officer doesn’t show it to you.

Total time took in Canada border is 30 minutes.

USA Border:

  1. Entered USA border
  2. Appears only 1 counter was opened By the time we reach there - 9:03 am
  3. There were 2 officers in the counter and seems 1 agent is giving training to the other- both are tough guys…
  4. Asked to open the windows
  5. Asked passports,h1b approval copy ( Myself) and i20 for my wife
  6. Purpose of your visit to USA
  7. Where are you heading to
  8. Where do you work
  9. When was the last entry to states
  10. How many days you stayed in Canada? - replied soft landing

At this point of time they were discussion something and wrote something on orange slip and asked to pull forward and stay in the car.

~60 minutes later one lady came and gave paper i94 and told we are good. I believe they were verifying i94 status and other details and assisting other immigrants that took some time. At this time, I would recommend to be patience.

Finally, it depends on the officer who is assiting you in CANADA or USA border and be confident in your answers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank this forum and all folks who shared their valuable experiences to help aspirant immigrants who are planning now and in future.

I wish all the best guys and reach out to me if you have questions.

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@vamsikgr Thanks for sharing your experience. I have a question regarding soft landing. The CIC website mentions that you cannot come to canada and return back after landing at this time. Its mentioned in the Covid 19 delivery program. Can you please explain if there are any other instructions regarding soft landing mentioned else where.

@veerannagari: you are absolutely correct. But we have many folks who visited and came back the same day successfully.

Please feel free to go thru this.

Thank you so much for posting this!

This is also a request for others to keep posting soft-landing experiences so that members can get a good sense of the latest stance of the border agents w.r.t soft landing.

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I see in these posts that folks are able to do “soft landing” via road. But the official instructions says, it is not allowed right now. Are official instructions only applicable to air travelers? Has anyone checked with the authority via web form?