PR Landing via Greyhound or Amtrak/ViaRail


Does anyone here have any experience doing a landing via Greyhound from Dearborn, MI (Detroit, MI) to Toronto, ON?

I’m planning on moving there in August if everything goes according to plan and I’m considering taking the train to Dearborn/Detroit and crossing over via Greyhound or just continue on via Amtrak/ViaRail to Buffalo and Toronto.

Is this even recommenced? Will I take a while for processing at the border and miss my bus/train?

I’m NOT doing a soft landing; planning on moving permanently.


@vjr What did you end up doing ? How was your experience with the landing process ?

Still waiting for PPR. Waiting for over 8 months. I thought I would get it in six months because I didn’t know about the processing delays.

Mine took longer than 8 months. Hopefully you will get yours shortly !

Hopefully I’ll get it soon. How long did your take? Was it a little over 8 months or close to a year?

It took a little less than 9 months .