PR living outside of Vancouver and on a H1B travelling to Seattle regularly for work?

Hi Mov North Community,

Myself and my wife are Canadian PR’s and are on a H1B working for global companies in Seattle. We are planning to relocate to a suburb of Vancouver in the next one month to keep our PR active but will have to commute regularly to Seattle for work. I need some help in making a decision on this and would appreciate your help with my questions.

  1. Is there someone who is in a similar situation. If so, can you please contact me at I would like to connect to ask a few questions and learn from your experience.

  2. My major concern is regarding crossing the US border frequently. Once I take residence in Canada and if me/my wife have to travel every other week to the US, if we say we reside in Canada but work in the US, is that a concern? Will they say now that you are living in Canada, you dont need a H1B. My wife and I plan to travel together on Mondays and return on Thursdays.

  3. Reg. this traveling from Canada, our managers are ok with it but for some reason our companies arent. But we plan to proceed anyway. Is this a concern?

Just wanted to see if there is someone in this group who has experience with this or who currently with such an arrangement of living in Vancouver and traveling for work in Seattle. I would like to connect with such folks directly. Really appreciate if someone could help.

Thanks in advance

I will be in the same boat, however where you reside is irrelevant for the company, but relevant for h1b visa and taxation,

theoretically with the 4/3 day split which you are proposing, did you go to a tax advisor/consultant to figure out whom will you owe taxes?
You live in canada, but no income generated in canada.

Did you end up doing this?