PR residency obligation during this Covid times

All - Can someone provide any information and / or share any similar experience on moving during this Covid times to meet the residency obligation ?

The IRCC website does not state any changes to the requirements. However, given that the cases are rising, some of our friends have suggested to stay-put and wait. But, we are concerned that the residency obligation could be an issue.

Has IRCC published any memo or article to provide additional waiver on days during this uncertain times ? Any inputs.

How exactly does staying put impact residency obligations?

Since there are advisories against people completing landing, they’ve been given flexibility to delay their arrival.

There are no restrictions whatsoever on permanent residents coming into Canada so I don’t see any reason to change the residency requirements.

As has been discussed in previous threads, you don’t lose permanent residency even on expiry of your PR card. So if there is a genuine reason, you should have a good shot at explaining the situation in an immigration court after arriving in Canada.