PR sponsorship for my partner

Hello all,

I’m currently a Canadian PR living in the US. I plan to move to Canada once I get a job and I want to bring my girlfriend with me. She stays in the US with me as well. I wanted to know what are the options to get her to Canada so that she could work there as well. She has a CRS score of 471 and with the recent FSW draw cutoff, I feel it’s going to take a while until the cutoff reduces to 470s.
Can anyone suggest the options I have for her?
I’m aware of the following options:

  1. spousal sponsorship (we’re not married yet)
  2. Common Law partner sponsorship (we’ve been staying together for past 4 years and have lease agreements etc to provide)
  3. Spousal open work permit
  4. Visitor visa to PR (I’m aware that she won’t be able to work while on VV)

Which of these options would be best and would take less time comparatively?
Let me know if I’m missing anything. Any help would be much appreciated.


Unless she can find an employer who would sponsor her visa, it’s difficult without a PR (open work permit may be an option). To obtain her PR you need to be residing in Canada and you can sponsor her immediately through common law.