PR Sponsorship for Spouse and Child without Option C and T4 forms

Hello All,
Does anyone have experience sponsoring PR for Spouse and dependent Child (Out-land sponsor) without the documents Option C / T4 forms? I am asking because I am planning to move to Canada in few months (I have PR) and want to apply PR for my wife and kid ASAP. So my question is, assuming I find a job and start working, do I have to wait for one full year to get the Option C/ T4 form or Can I apply just with one or two Pay Stubs? I mean to prove that one can financially support their spouse and child, is it mandatory to produce Option-C/T4 form or just one or two pay stubs is proof enough for supporting my wife and kid? My main concern is, I know the Spousal sponsorship can take upto 12 months. If I have to wait till I get my first Option-C/T4 form, it might me 24 months easily befor I can reunite with my family :frowning: … Please advise …

Thanks and Regards,