PR Status after getting passport

Hello everyone,

I have received mail asking for passport to be sent to CIC. Once I get back the passport from them, what’s the time period before I need to move to Canada? I would like to know how long I can stay outside of Canada after getting the passport from CIC.

The CoPR printed on your passport should have an expiry date. Usually, it is one year from the date you gave your medical exam when you applied after ITA.

Thankyou siddEE. So, I believe I have to land in Canada before the date on passport. I’m planning to land in Canada for a weekend and then move back completely at a later date. I’m not sure what’s the maximum period of time allowed before one needs to move to Canada permanently once receiving the passport. Any information on this will be appreciated.

Yes, once you land before the expiry date on the CoPR, you should be good.

As for this, remember that once you land in Canada to activate your PR (i.e initial landing with your CoPR), your clock as a Canadian PR starts. Typically, your PR will be valid from this landing date for the next 5 years. Out of these 5 years you have to reside in Canada for 730 days (2 years) in order to maintain your PR status and to be eligible to apply for PR extension at the end of the 5 year period. These 730 days need not be continuous.

thank you siddEE for the detailed explanation!

just make sure you have PR card with you for re-entry from 2nd time onwards.