Preview your score not working?

Im about to submit my application. I clicked on preview my score and it doesnt show any scores.
Is that a bug in their system? It previously showed correct scores.

Also i dont want to pay 1040$ at the moment. Can i only pay minimum required? Where do i select that option?

An additional field was added about having taken French test either yesterday or the day before that. That has changed the scores for us. When we tried to preview our score yesterday, it went down by 5 points. We still qualify so don’t need to decline the invitation but we did notice that the documents which we were asked to submit had changed slightly. For example, my husband does not need to submit his Indian PCC any more.

I am not sure if the changes are intentional or there’s some bug introduced in the system so instead of submitting the docs, we are planning on waiting for another day to see if anything changes.

@anon25417004 @avj @mrandmrs - We just completed our application. Previewed the score and it reflected the original score as per the ITA.

Do we click on submit / continue? or do we wait till we collect all remainder documents? We are currently processing the PCC and FBI and should get it by mid week next week. Medical is scheduled for May 4th.

Current list of documents that we have

  1. Verification of Deposit for all banks - Completed
  2. Employee Reference letters - Completed
  3. WES Report Copy - Completed
  4. IELTS Report Copy (WIll scan and upload) - Completed
  5. PCC - Pending (Due Week of 9th)
  6. FBI - Pending (Due week of 9th)
  7. Medical Evaluation - May 4th
  8. Mortgage Letter - Pending

Let me know if I am missing something here.

Yeah wait one or two days and see if anything changes else you can go ahead and submit. Additional documents are fine they’ll just ignore it if they don’t need it .

Are you able to submit without uploading all sections. When I submitted it a year ago the submit button wasn’t active unless all documents were uploaded I.e. unless all sections had at least something uploaded.

I think I should have been a bit clearer.

  1. I completed the application details. I.e. filled in personal history and other details pertaining to the ITA.
  2. Did the preview score and the score did not change
  3. Do I continue now? or wait till i finish medical. i.e. click on continue so that I can start uploading documents. That is the stage I am in.

I am also under the impression that we NEED to have medical check up done before applying - is this still the case? I still have around 75 days left to complete the application and should be done with medical by early May.

I submitted regardless. I just wanted to get it done with since my deadline was on april 11.

You need to have medical checkup done before the deadline of 90 days atleast, ideally a bit earlier since getting the results can take a few days and your application won’t finish processing without it. If I were you I would get an appointment within the next 30 days, wherever it might be, and get done with the test. Meanwhile you can submit other documents.

+1. My deadline is on April 11th.
I scheduled my appointment for April 2nd. I got my results on April 6th and i submitted on Apr 7th.

You have book for appointments months in advance. If you can’t get results within your due date, you can upload receipt which is given to you on the checkup date. That has umi number which can be used to track your results.

Perfect. Thanks @avj and @basavanagudi. I have plenty of time then. By May 4th, I’ll have around 50 - 60 days left on ITA.

I was not aware that we will get medical results in a few days of getting the testing done, can you shed some light on that?

“Few days” was a generic term. Depending on your doctor it could be 5 days or two weeks.

Thanks!! @anon25417004 how long did it take your medical test results to come? I will be going to Berkeley as well.

Berkeley took 4 days for me.

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You can click on Continue because the 90 day clock has already begun when you accepted the invitation. Once you have relevant documents, you can start uploading those and save your progress.

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