Previous employer has exited business. How can I get work reference or experience letter

I am planning to use the express entry prog to move to Canada. I have 2 years of experience in USA as a Business Analyst. I see that this classifies as NOC type “A” in NOC codes.

Issue: I worked in Company “A” from July 2016 to Dec 2017 at their client location. This company has shutdown its operations in somewhere around January. They have removed their website also. I have the offer letter, pay slips, bank statements to prove salary credit and W2. Can I use these to prove my employment. I tried sending emails to their email ID but the email is getting bounced back as they deleted their email addresses also. It was a well standing consulting firm but was shutdown due to some issues.

Show whatever you have from the former company (e.g., pay slips, offer letter, resignation letter etc). In some cases, your former manager/HR might be OK to give you a reference letter on his/her current company letterheard. I was in a similar situation and my former manager gave me that and I added the paystubs, W-2 form, offer letters etc to it. If not, try to get their signature on atleast a letter without letterhead.

Try contacting them on LinkedIn if their emails don’t work.

Thanks Anshul. Was your PR approved with this method. So that I can start moving in the direction of that approach.

Yes my PR was approved.

I second what @avj said I personally know people who’s startup closed down and they got a letter from someone who they worked with at the startup and was higher than them in the reporting structure. The letter mentioned that the startup has shutdown operations. The letter was signed I don’t know if it was on a letter head. Additionally they provided links and screenshots of articles about the startup and wrote a supporting letter. They also provided pay stubs.

Honestly pay-stubs, W2 etc are pretty solid evidence especially since it’s coming from the US and since you were are an H1B the officer understands that the only way you could remain there is maintain a job.

Thanks , I will pursue this option then.