Primary NOC working hours

Okay, I have a tricky situation here. My job(primary NOC) is contractual basis and I am being paid per day (although I have to go to work everyday). According to the contract, maximum days one get in a fiscal year is 150 days or 1200 hours. 8 hours per day (150 *8 = 1200). Let’s say, I have worked 370 days till date according to contract in a period of 28 months or 121 weeks.

Q1. My company counts 48 weeks per year and happy to give me 25h\week in RL ( 1200\48 = 25)
But IRCC counts 52 weeks per year as far as I am concerned, so should it be 23h\week ( 1200\52 = 23)?

Q2. If we take IRCC calculation, Counting 23h\week gives us total (23\30*121)=92 weeks. But If I count my days (370\8) = 2960 Hours. And divide it by 121 weeks ,it comes down to (2960\121) = 24 h\week. so should it be 23h\week or 24h\week?

Q3. Do IRCC count work duration by hours or by week?I am asking because counting 23\week gives me (92*23) =2116 hours, dividing it by 1560 hours gives us (2116\1560) = 1.3 years. But counting hours that I have worked for the entire period is 2960, dividing it by (2960\1560)= 1.8 years!It’s baffling to me.

Q4. Should I also mention about days calculations in RL so that there’s no confusion ?