Private Insurance in lieu of OHIP

Any recommendations for private insurance that we can purchase while we wait for OHIP to kick in?

Or unlike the states is being without insurance not a major risk? I have just three weeks to wait.

I took manulife travel insurance for our 3 month wait period. Just curious, did you have another form of medical coverage for the prior months?

Thanks. Will check it out.

If you don’t mind me asking, did you have a need to file a claim with Manulife? How was the experience? I’m thinking of getting a add-on for dental with OHIP.

Braved a few days without coverage, got one through my spouse’s employer after that but will have to figure out other options for the last few days.

Got Manulife PPR (provincial plan replacement) coverage from my employer which has OHIP liek coverage for first 90 days until OHIP kicks in.
Have made couple of claims, 1st has been approved and second one is under process. Happy with Manulife.

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