Process for opening part time business

Hello Folks,

This is not related to immigration, but something lots may have explored after the move.

Has anyone here tried opening a part time business for themselves?
Need some quick suggestions:

  • Do we need to register it only in Ontario (or the state we are living in) or Federally in Canada ? This is for a sole proprietorship.
  • In case there is a choice between opening a business (sole proprietorship) alone or in partnership with your spouse (partnership), what would be the recommended way keeping in mind the legal/tax/future plans?


I recently bought a business on but I acquired it as an individual owner, it was registered in the state - in order for your business to be registered at the country level, the business must have a franchise future. If you open a business with your spouse, it is best to open it as 50 to 50, so it will be more convenient to calculate all taxes and expenses