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Hi All,

I am recent graduate from USA.

Below is a quick summary of my profile :

  1. Age : 26 yrs

  2. Marital Status : Single

  3. Education : Masters of Science (Information Systems and Technology)

  4. CGPA : 3.6/40

  5. Work Experience :

                                R & D Intern (Data Engineering) 
                                Location : New York , USA
                                Duration : 8 Months
                                Hrs/Week : 40
                                 Information Technology Intern (Business Intelligence)
                                Location : New York , USA
                                Duration : 6 Months
                                Hrs/Week : 40
            Information Service Developer (Database Administration /Business Intelligence)
                                Location : New York , USA
                                Duration : Aug 2017 - Till Date (6 Months)
                                Hrs/Week : 40

Total : 20 Months

6 ) IELTS : All 4 Sections : 7.0 Band

I also have quite a few questions regarding the process

  1. I have got my Indian Undergrad degree evaluated by WES in 2014. The US equivalent CGPA was 3.5. Do i need to do it again for Canadian EE prog?

  2. Do I need to evaluate my Masters Degree evaluated also by WES even if its from a renowned US University ?

  3. None of my Work Experience was titled as Software Engineering where as my duties revolved around Database Development, Data Analysis, ETL Pipelines over AWS Cloud.
    Do I need to have another NOC Code on my application ?

  4. Based on my profile what are the chances of getting an ITA ?

I have calculated my CRS Score through David Cohen firms. Its coming about to 450. Based upon my profile does this score looks fine or its over/under evaluated ?

Is hiring an immigration firm like David Cohen advisable ? Do they really provide help in getting through the process ?

Looking forward to some constructive answers.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried the CRS score simulator (CRS calculator tool)?

Your age will be a positive factor towards your CRS score.
Your short work experience and IELTS score won’t give you much CRS points. Did you give IELTS recently?

  1. The degree evaluations have to be done specifically for Canadian immigration; your US evaluations will not work. They also have to be recent.

  2. You need to evaluate your highest degree to get the score for that degree. You have to do it, there’s no way around it. If you have a bachelors and masters just evaluate the masters and make sure you only count that towards your CRS points. Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) for all degrees?

  3. Good question. Your job does sound like it comes under software engineer category NOC. Is your Masters in MIS? If your Bachelors education is in CS (?) and your job is in high-skilled data science I don’t see why not. However, this link states Database Analysts/Information Systems in a different NOC (2172 or 2171). But it also states that your job-requirement-education must be in relevant field. Now your masters is in IS and Bachelors is in? Correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is your are not really a DBA but a proper software engineer doing big data stuff?

If you are getting the same number of CRS points for either 2173 or 2172 then it shouldn’t make a difference. You will need to get reference letters from employers stating detailed duties and responsibilities anyway and those should clarify, based on the link above, what NOC you fall under. @anon25417004 any thoughts?

  1. Try the CRS calculator tool on CIC website and see what it comes to. Cohen’s calculator should also work. Check for latest CRS cutoff figures. You should be able to get an ITA in one of the rounds whenever the cutoff is/becomes lower than your score. However you should get the Masters ECA done ASAP since they require the ECA number for the profile to be submitted to the EE pool.

In my opinion most people don’t go for law firms, however it is your choice. Most people I know do it on our own since it’s transparent, everything is online, and not as complicated as the US immigration process. Honestly, I don’t really know if hiring a law firms makes it easier or not since I did it on my own.

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Hi eveyone - I’m a new member in this community and excited to be part of it. Here’s a quick summary of my profile below .

CRS - Human Capital - Age - 85
CRS - Human Capital - Level of Education 112
CRS - Human Capital - First Official Language Proficiency 128
CRS - Spouse - Level of Education 8
CRS - Skill Transferability - Education 25
CRS - Skill Transferability - Foreign Work Experience 50

Total CRS - 408

Both my and my wife work for an IT consulting firm in Bay area, CA (NOC - 2171) and interested to immigrate to Canada. I’m on H1B visa in my 6th year and prefer to avoid the long wait for GC. I understand that my current CRS score is not enough to make the cut getting an ITA. I have already given IELTS and have ECA reports for Undergrad done in India by WES, Canada. I also have collected PCC for India (might have done too soon?) and applied for PCC for USA.

Kindly let me know what all options I can consider. Looking forward for suggestions from the experienced folks here. TIA!

What’s your age, IELTS score, US Masters?

Age - 32
IELTS - 8.5
No US masters. I did Btech in India. Have 11.5 years of work experience in IT.

I don’t know if you have already submitted your EE profile or not, but I calculated your score on CRS calculator for the following two scenarios:

  1. Including spouse’s Bachelors ECA and Not including spouse’s IELTS score and work experience: 408
  2. Including spouse’s Bachelors ECA and including spouse’s IELTS score (8.5 estimate) and work experience (>5 years): 438

If your spouse gets her IELTS and ECA’s, there’s significant jump in score. Also note that the final score you get when you submit EE profile might vary slightly if it takes into account your 11+ years of work experience.

If you haven’t already, submit an EE profile since you already have your IELTS and ECAs and see what final score you get. In the meantime if your spouse can get her IELTS and ECAs done you can withdraw the old profile and submit a new one. Whichever profile gets you the ITA works at this point.

Thanks much @avj . I have not submitted my EE profile yet. I’m waiting for my spouse’s ECA report (should be delivered in another 2-3 weeks). Spouse has not given IELTS yet.

With the two scenarios you provides, I see the score jumps to 438 only if I consider spouse’s IELTS (assuming same score 8.5) - Additional 20 pts

Current score is this -
Including spouse’s Bachelors ECA, work experience and Not including spouse’s IELTS score : 408.

Should I go ahead and submit EE after I get spouse’s ECA report? Is there any other option I can explore?

You can submit your and spouse’s profile now and see what final score you get. Once she gets her IELTS and ECA, if you haven’t received ITA, withdraw and submit a new profile.

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Thanks @avj

Hey Anshul,
“Also note that the final score you get when you submit EE profile might vary slightly if it takes into account your 11+ years of work experience.”

I thought experience for 3 or more even 5 or 12 years gives same points according to CRS calculator… Isn’t it?
because i see 1 year or 2 year or (3 and more) options only for work experience…

So the reason I said that was a year ago I read on another forum that some guy added his work experience in a cover letter or something and they gave him additional points for those. But I might have read wrong, OR it might have been a different system then (Express Entry started in 2015).

So sorry, my bad, any experience outside Canada for 3 years or more will give you max points.