Profile Update and address notification after soft landing

Hi folks,

My family and I did a soft landing in Ottawa mid Feb this year from the US. The immigration officer did not allow us to provide a friend’s address (where we were planning to stay temporarily) and told us to update our address online. We are now back in the US and are still planning to move later this year (depending on this COVID situation), but have been unable to change our address online (through the address notification form) – it says it was unable to find the UCI number. We saw a similar error on trying the COPR number. Also, when we log into our profile now, it says that the COPR is now expired (the expiry date on the COPR was March 03).

  1. Has this been the case with anyone else? I assumed that our online profile would be updated, given that we have completed our soft landing and that it would not show up as expired.

  2. How does one change the address out of the US? We have a local address there now, but the 888 number provided by the officer does not work outside Canada.

Thanks all!