Progress bar disappeared

Folks -

My AOR was on Nov 4th 2020. I am in Canada now and applied under CEC. There were no movement for almost month and a half and later IRCC asked for RCMP Security cleareance which I have uploaded by end of December last year. After that I got an acknowledgement that they are reviwing the additional documents that we have submitted.

My question is, there was a progress bar that was showing another 16 weeks of estimated time left and it was pointing to May 4th as the target compleiton of my application but since yesterday I no longer see that progress.

When I search for it the CIC site says the progress bar won’t show if they haven’t started processing the application, how come after back and forth communications they can see they haven’t even started my application ?

Did this happen to anyone ? Do we have any CEC candidates applied in my timeframe above ?

Pls let me know.

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Hello seethj2911,

Same thing happened to us. Our AOR was Aug 11th 2020. I have been checking it everyday but it the same.

Yea, I have checked with some of my firends and they all said the same. It goes off after some time, what concerns me is the processing times, there are folks who are waiting for more than year to get thier approval after AOR.

We got our PR letter last week. After the progress bar disappeared we did send an inquiry through webform - may be that helped. I don’t know.
Good luck to you.