Promotion under different NOC

My time line is little complicated

I have completed my diploma in July 2009

Joined my organisation A in Sep 2009 NOC 7232

Joined Part time Bachelor degree in Dec 2009

Joined organisation B in Nov 2011 under NOC 2253

Completed Bachelor degree in Dec 2012

Promoted in organisation B in Jan 2012 NOC 2132

Completed Master degree in June 2013 - June 2015

Joined new organisation -C in Sep 2015 - NOC 2132

Question 1:
Organisation B has 2 different NOC codes
Should i enter as 2 different lines in Express entry column.

Question 2:
I dont have Appointment letter of the organisation A and will be a difficult task to it,
So can i Ignore it when i Work experience column

Hi some one please reply to this post