Proof of fund PNP- Working in NB - currently in Canada


I got my EOI for PNP of provincial NB and submitted my papers. I am currently working in NB but they still need a proof of fund! I have received a gift from my boyfriend to buy a car with a large amount of money, I bought the car and what’s left in my bank account is around 13000$.
They are asking for justification of the amount i received.
How should I proceed?
Thank you!

I got my nb pnp approved 2 weeks back, for your proof of funds u can get a certified affidavit from your bf saying these 13000$ is a gift from him and that should be enough

Thanks!! Should he write a affidavit for the whole amount ( about 30000 dollars ) or just the 13000 ? Thanks!

For proof of funds you should show 12,660$ in your bank account, if you have 13000 in your account and the whole amount is a gift from your boy friend than you should get an affidavit from him for the whole amount
Good luck👍🏻

Thank you! Do you think the federal program asks for proof of fund the same exact way?

It depends on which program you are invited to apply, if you are invited to apply under CEC you don’t have to show it