Proof of Funds - Create Joint Account?

Hi there,

My partner and I have received our ITA for EE FSW. He is the principal applicant and I am his common law partner. As such, we need proof of $16k for both of us, which we have. However, the funds are in my account as the common law partner (US citizen, US bank), and he is not currently an authorized user. I tried to add him but he needs to physically be in the US for me to do that, which he is not permitted (H1B visa denial in Feb 2020 - he is now back in France).

We’re able to open a joint account online while being physically separate, but unsure if this might cause any red flags in our application? We were told by a consultant that we shouldn’t transfer large sums from my account to his, as that would be a red flag. Would opening a new joint account prompt the same cause for concern?

Thanks for your help!
Molly & Antoine