Proof of funds for Express Entry


The table on this page can provide you with information on proof of funds for FSW and FST programmes.

I don’t have any info on the funds required if you are selected through PNP but I am guessing it might be around the same amount as FSW.


Quick Question:

I read that Loans should be mentioned, I have a car loan of $30k+

My question is

  • After subtracting car loan with the money in my account - I should have a minimum of $15k CAD for two people?

  • or if the payments have been fine for the last year - If i have say only $20k CAD and $30K USD car loan going into canada will that be okay? as proof of funds

Thank you


@avj Could you help me with one doubt?

My average account balance of last six months is half of my current balance. The average does not meet the minimum amount required for a single applicant. However, my current balance meets the minimum requirement for a single applicant, do you still see any issue with my proof of funds? (The entire amount is mine not borrowed)

Also, is there a need to submit a letter of explanation?


Just wondering…at what time should we actually get the proof of funds… any date within the 90 days post-ITA?


@experts please reply to my question. It’s urgent.


Option 2.
It doesn’t matter how much car loan you have. You just need to show that you have the minimum amount required in your account(s).


FYI: The deadline to submit documents has changed from 90 days to 60 days as per

You can get the PoF any time before your 60 days expire.


Please refer to the few replies after this question:

Most of the questions are already answered in the responses previously given in the thread/community so please search and go through those as well if it is urgent since it sometimes takes time for specific users to answer the questions.


Thank you very much !


Hi guys,
I have cash in my stock trading account that is the probably the only place I have been having 10k+ cash for the last six months. I am guessing it is okay to show that but did anyone show it before (cash in trading account)?


If it’s liquid cash it should be fine (i.e. it’s not subject to market fluctuations).

If you want you can also transfer it to your bank account and provide proof of the transfer.


It’s liquid cash man. I would rather just show one account t


Thanks for the information.
Is this updated recently? We received a ITA on June 13th and still shows 90 days!


After june 26th who ever receives ITA its only 60 days for them but to be on safe side you can do it in around 60 days.


Thanks much:) I replied immediately without even launching the link since i ready "60 days"note. I just opened the link and noted that its for the invitations from June 26th.
Yep, Targeting the submission this weekend!!


Do we need to send every account summary to them? Would it be fine if i just send statements from one account that has the required number of money fr the last 6 months?


Good idea to show accounts that have funds. Just strengthens your case.


Do you think just including six months statements and a letter of funds is enough? I talked to my stock broker (fidelity) and htey do not issue such a letter.


For stocks statements are enough. Bank is the only place you need a letter.



I have one Checking Account and one Saving Account in BoFA. I plan to show only Savings account for my ITA, since it is a Saving account, it mostly has Saving Transactions from my Checking Account. I can’t show my Checking account as a supporting account as it is a joint account with my Brother.

Will it cause a problem, if the authorities only notices money coming in from another account on a regular basis ?