Proof of funds for Express Entry

Any liquid funds in any of your banks can be shown, as long as you can get the proper documentation (statements at the very least, letter from the bank etc), if possible also add conversion rate of the day in the cover letter. If that amounts to more than 13k it should be fine, but you can throw in the PPF as additional.

Please Help
Have received below message from CIC
“You have included bank statements/documentation bearing your
spouse/common-law partner’s name. Please provide a letter from your
spouse/common-law partner to specify that you have full access to this money for the
purpose of settling in Canada”
Me and my spouse are applying together but still, the above message is sent by the CIC. So now what do I need to submit to CIC as me being the primary applicant and my spouse being dependant. We have shown a total of 9Lakh funds out of which I have shown INR 6Lakh FD and my spouse has shown INR 3L FD. Please revert

it’s right there in the message

Please provide a letter from your
spouse/common-law partner to specify that you have full access to this money for the
purpose of settling in Canada

Do I need to settle my loan account before submitting the proof of funds for Canadian immigration express entry? Currently I have an education loan which I took for my masters and I have been repaying since I got a job here in US. Should I mention about that loan on the bank letter? Please help.

Nope, that’s not required.

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@avj I have a question.

I am currently in process of submitting my eapr as I got ITA in the last draw. I also have the proof of funds but have some 7 transfers totalling 9k cad (in sept and Oct) into my pof account from my other account. All the transfers bear the name of my other account. I also have my salaries coming in throughout the duration… Abt 34k cad.

Do I have to submit the other bank acct letters… Am asking coz the cash in that account was paid in via cash in 7 transactions by my wife. It wasn’t a mobile transfer but an atm deposit.

Is it fine if I just submit the main pof account alone?.. As it has the sufficient funds. Just thinking whether cic would be concerned of the source of those 7 deposits even though it carries my name.

As long as it’s your money (e.g. transferred from one of your account to one of your other account) it shouldn’t be an issue, especially if the main PoF statement bears your name.

@avj Thanks.
From your post I believe the below should be sufficient,

  1. Bank letter of the pof account
  2. Bank statement for the last 6 months of pof account
  3. Liability letter from Bank showing I don’t have any outstandings with them of pof account.
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I have a online savings account with $11k USD. I wanted to show this account for proof of funds but the problem is that my bank doesn’t write any letter. Can I attach my statement showing the final balance?
In addition, I have another checking account with a different bank. It provides letter and 6 months average balance but my 6 months average balance is very low (~$1000 USD) and my current balance is ~$5000 USD. Can I use both accounts (saving and checking) for funds?

Hi! I have a primary account using which I wish to show proof of funds in express entry. As of now I am in the pool of candidates and awaiting ITA. I am yet to accumulate the minimum proof of funds in my primary account, but I do have some money in another account. If I transfer this amount to the primary account, I would meet the minimum fund requirement.
Is it okay to transfer an amount in excess of 1.5 lacs from my account in another bank to the primary account which I wish to show in PoF?

Thank you in advance.

There’s no need to show only one account as long the other account you mentioned belongs to you. You should show two accounts separately with respective account balances.
I have shown three accounts with various account balances.

Thank you for your inputs! :smile:

First of all thanks for your revert
Secondly, my main intent to ask was on what do they want this consent from my spouse. I mean like on a normally printed sheet and sign off

I am having same issue as you, what did you to resolve it ?

Hi Folks,

I am in a little tricky situation, I have most of the funds needed for a family of 3. But short of 3 Lacs, I am procuring a gift deed from my immediate family. My question is do I need to ensure proper proof that whoever is donating this their Bank account history is asked in future or not ?

It doesn’t hurt to have proper documentation for the transaction. So if in case anything comes up in the future, you can always present the same as evidence. This is true for any (typically large) transactions that you may do during the time you apply for Express Entry.

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Hello all,

I am waiting for ItA and sure will get next week. For FSw funds needs to be showed for past months but I don’t have that ( have only about 50%) in the form of FD’s. So planning to show as gift deed from parents. Is that fine? I am the principal applicant hence if I show the gift deed in husbands account should I show as notary registered that I have access to funds? Could you please advise?