Proof of funds from multiple countries + Indian home loan


I came across this wonderful community and appreciate the efforts put in by the creators and members for helping each other. I’m currently in the US, but will depart in February 2019 and land in Toronto to start my next job. The thing is that I have also received an ITA for FSW EE. For that, I’ve secured almost everything except the Proof of Funds (PoF). I’m a bit confused about how to go about with my situation and would like to know your suggestions.

I have a Bank of America checkings+savings accounts that are sufficient to cover the funds stipulated by CIC. Apart from that, I have some funds in my German bank account where I lived previously and some in HDFC NRE account, India. The HDFC bank balance is just above their minimum required balance to avoid penalties. Apart from this, I have a home loan account with LIC Housing Finance.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Is it sufficient to show just the BofA funds?
  2. Will it be fine to not mention anything about my German bank account and HDFC NRE account? Or should I obtain letters for those too?
  3. What about the LIC home loan? Should I show that too? I send some money from my BofA account every month to my HDFC NRE account from which the EMI for this loan is deducted.

I hope you understand my thought process. Looking forward to your help.


If you have sufficient funds in your BofA accounts, you can just get PoF for that. If you want to show the other accounts, that is optional.