Proof of funds letter: only last four digits of account number

For proof of funds, I got a reference letter from Bank of America. Because of security concerns, Bank of America only gives last four digits of the account number on the letter.

Should I write a LOE by explaining this issue and giving my full account number? If yes, should I notarize the LOE?

P.S: It is not possible for me to include previous 6 months statements.

Please suggest


BoFA letter should reflect your average balance for the past 6 months. I have gotten the letter for BoFA .

Hello arun,

I got the last 6 months avg. This is about the account number. BOFA only could give last 4 account numbers. Will this be a problem ?


You could attach last 6 months statements as well that show full account number and add a cover letter explaining all that you want to. In LOE you can ask the officer to view your proof of funds cover letter for more details. Thats what I did.

Hi there,
That’s the standard format (last 4 digit of Ac number) that the bank is required to provide. All that matters is the Avg balance which should match the Canadian requirements!

I got similar statement from Chase and we had no issues!

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I had similar case without any problem. My application got approved in 2 and half months :slight_smile:

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