Proof of funds needs for a family of 3


Is there any issue if write more amount… Say $40000 or $50000… How much is required for a family of 3?

Really register with job bank to get ita?

How should I answer these questions: Funds, Completed Academic Years, Province Intent and Representative?

Check on cic website for amounts required. As long as you show proof and bring the minimum during application submission and landing I don’t think any excess matters.


Number of
Family Members Funds Required
(in Canadian dollars)
1 $12,475
2 $15,531
3 $19,093
4 $23,181
5 $26,292
6 $29,652
7 $33,014
For each additional family member $3,361

You are free to declare extra funds over and above these amount if you want it does not matter.