Proof Of Funds while applying EE

Hi Members,
Can someone help me with a query related to Settlement Funds/Proof Of Funds while applying to EE.
I am the Primary Applicant and my husband is secondary applicant and most of the savings are under his name for example- stocks, mutual funds, FD etc. I am aware about the CIC policy that, as long as I’ve access to the spouse money it can be submitted as a proof of funds. So my question is what proof can be submitted?

  1. No objection certificate from my husband stating that I’ve access to this money. Will this required notarization?
  2. Can FD, mutual funds and stocks under my husband name can be submitted as proof of funds?
  3. Weird question but still wanted to ask does it matter if I put higher amount while filling up in “how much money I bring to canada” ? I am sure as long as I fit in minimum criteria of settlement funds, it doesn’t matter even if I put 50000 or 100000 :slight_smile: Does it create any impact on profile. My obvious answer is No, but wanted to know about others opinion.