Proof of income (option C), for spouse PR application


Has anyone on this forum been able to successfully get a “proof of income (option C)” from the CRA, without having a T4 tax document (e.g. if you moved here after the tax season was over/had not been employed/moved here during last tax year)? If so, please message me, I have some questions for you.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @avj how did you get around this issue? I soft-landed on March 6th, 2020 and finally moved early this year. Now I am in the process of completing my spousal sponsorship paperwork and need this document.

More context - I have a job here in Canada, I have not filed tax returns for 2020 (which would’ve solved the issue) for my USA income.

When I sponsored my spouse I was able to add a letter explaining why I dont have T4 (never filed a return). Instead I gave something similar to proof of funds + US tax returns.

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Hey, I am in a similar boat as you have described @avj Could you share the format of the letter? I did prepare the Proof of funds with enough funds to support both of us + ITR