Provincial Nomination vs. Federal Skilled Worker



As I understand the above are 2 options to get an ITA. I am yet to fully comprehend why anyone would want to apply through the provincial nomination prog (PNP)?

  1. Is the processing time faster via a PNP?
  2. Logically, the pool at the PNP will be smaller than the Federal Skilled Worker prog managed at the Federal level. Does that translate to a higher probability? Could that be the reason?
  3. Is it legal/acceptable to move to another province while you have a received an ITA (followed by PR) while using the PNP route of another province? Are there work restrictions?

Looking forward to your thoughts



If you are accepting into a PNP prog and are nominated you will be awarded extra points towards your express entry application. The provinces can also withdraw a nomination for various reasons which would mean you would have to decline the invite.

Yes, the provincial restriction is printed on your PR card and you have to work and live in that province for a certain time (2 years). The downside is that the province might not have good jobs or salary for your line of work in which case you will have a hard time.

If you accept the nomination, the system will find that you meet the requirements of the PNP, and you will get a letter in your account that confirms your nomination. Your profile will be placed into the Express Entry pool and you will be awarded 600 additional points that will help you get invited to apply. (Note: 600 points is the maximum additional points you can get. If you have points for a job offer and/or study in Canada, only the 600 points for your nomination will be added to your CRS score.)


I heard that If its hard finding jobs for 3 or 4 months, I can report the state that there are no Jobs in the respective state to break the nomination and allow moving to other states. Is that true?


I have personally wondered about this since as a PR its within your rights to live and work anywhere in Canada. I’m not sure how the province can even do anything if you move to another province for work. At the point of admission however a visa officer can deny you entry if you have landed at another province for your initial entry. Its possible they could cause some issue if you file for citizenship in the future.

I would agree with @blg.chaitanya as long as you have enough evidence that you spent significant time in the province looking for a job then would help with an immigration / citizenship judge.


Hi @anon25417004 / @blg.chaitanya,

What if we get offer letter (will try to get it somehow) show it to get additional points and may be not join that company after landing there. Will that works ?

I know above is not good way to secure additional points but still want to know about this option.


Your offer letter will need to be detailed and include things like your salary, hours of work, etc. There are a few other requirements too detailed in the link below. There is obviously no requirement that you must continue to work with this employer and once you have PR you are free to move to any company you wish. As long as the job offer is a real offer from a real Canadian company it’s valid. Also keep in mind the job has to match your NOC. I don’t see why this is “not a good way” if you have a real offer then you’re exactly the kind of person express entry is designed to bring into Canada.