PTU credential Evaluation rejected by WES

Hi… yesterday I received an email from WES stating that they do not evaluate credentials from Punjab technical University and rejected my application. I had submitted the official transcript from PTU to WES.

Any one else came across such issue??

I applied with WES, back in January. They rejected mine too 2 days back. I am looking into it. If I got any further info, I will update it.

I spoke to WES Executive today. They mentioned that WES made decision recently not to evaluate credentials coming from PTU going forward. This decision may change in the future, but for now any new request for PTU credential evaluation will be rejected. I too waited for 4 months before they rejected by application.

But this is so stupid, they wasted our important time, they shouldn’t have accepted the application then. I am going to use either BCIT or Toronto University now. But their processing times are so high.

Hi amit,
is there any possiblity if i can interact with you? i need help regarding creditial application as u already filed before. please

rajan kumar

I got my PTU evaluation done from WES 2 months ago without any issues. what happened all of sudden ?