Query on Correspondence Masters degree


Hi PRs,

I got another query, hope you all can help. I did my Masters in Correspondence, I did attend weekend classes, wrote the exams and received degree from my city itself. WES Canada shared results stating mine is a Masters Degree, inspite of the degree carrying the words ‘Distance Education’. Now, while submitting for PR, will the VO consider this as Masters? Should mention anywhere that it was done in correspondence? Because, i read the below instruction from CIC

Applicants are instructed to indicate that their education was completed by correspondence by typing in brackets {by correspondence} on the same line as the education institution name found in the Education Background Information tab of GCMS. The discretion remains with the officer to decide if a police certificate is required for the country of the education institution

I still believe this is for VO to decide on PCC and not on my Masters, right?

If i remove my masters, my score goes below Minimum CRS cut off, please help.

Thanks in advance.


If you have physically lived in the country for over 6 months in the last 10 years where you got Masters in Correspondence, then you need a PCC for the country anyway. If not, I don’t think the country will be able to give you a PCC even if you wanted it. Although, I would see what the steps are to get the clearance from that country and see if you can get it without staying there. If so, you can get it beforehand, if not, you can tell the VO accordingly if they ask for it.

Keep the masters and add {by correspondence} as stated. Your ECA states it’s equivalent to Candian masters so it shouldn’t matter.


Thanks for the clarity anshul… i am worried only about the Masters, as you said VO should see it as Masters only, since WES has evaluated the degree and approved that it is.


yes if WES has concluded it as Masters equivalency in Canada then you should be fine …
only thing is we dont have a option to select distance education when you create profile… we have part time and full time option… so distance would fit into part time on education history page


Thanks @ srhere, helpful…