Question about filling in the Address History section of the application

Im filling my ITA application. In the address history section i have following details

  1. Place 1 (Current place) 5 years
  2. Place 2 (previous place) 1 year
  3. Place 3 (previous place different state) 2 years
  4. Place 4 ( birth place home town in india) 22 years

When i save and click on “check for completeness” i get this error

Validation error: You have not completed the mandatory fields or you have not completed them correctly. Please make corrections where indicated.

Error Description: Problematic field:Address history: You must provide at least 10 continuous years of history, or all time since this person’s 18th birthday, to the present.

What am i doing wrong?

Figured it out.
Reentered all addresses is correct order ( from birth instead of from current location)
Also made sure there were no gaps between two dates.

Hello! Is address history truly a requirement or based on circumstances?

I moved quite a few times during my first couple of years in graduate school in the US. So maybe I should start digging to find out the places/addressed where I’ve lived. Not sure if the post office keeps a record of that as I always update them when I move.

If you live in an apartment, send an email to apartment community.
I sent them all an email and heard back from them the same day.

Address history is mandatory. Im now wondering if i should include the dates where i took a month vacation to india.

Eeek! This sounds like a nightmare!! (which I will worry about if and when I get an ITA…)

They don’t ask for proof of previous addresses. But you have to honestly describe everywhere you have lived. The only condition is those period should not have gaps in between. for e.g. if you moved out of one place, moved into another for a month, and then moved into another place you need to add all three without any gaps in between else the system won’t accept this information.

This is actually one of the easiest sections to fill in their application.

No it’s addresses you lived at not traveled too.

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I wasn’t referring to ease of filling, I was referring to possibly having to obtain a whole bunch of addresses.

They will not ask for copies of lease agreements etc. Just state all the addressed you’ve “lived” at, i.e., your home in India, and places you rented elsewhere etc. You’ve to make sure the periods are continuous i.e. no gaps.


OK good to know. Thank you.

I have kept the dates continuous but they are estimated dates and NOT 100% accurate. Do I need to write an LoE and mention this ?

We tried to give the dates as accurately as possible but I am sure they weren’t 100% accurate either. We did not explain about this in LoE. I don’t think most of the people will be able to provide address details with 100% accuracy, especially if they have moved around a bit in the last 10 years so you should be okay.

wonderful! Thanks for the quick comeback. one LoE less to do :slight_smile:

You need to keep it continuous but you don’t need to submit any proof for any of these activities so approximate should be OK.

got it! thanks anshul !

Hey avj! I have been living in the same residential address in India since 1997 until I moved to Canada in 2015. In Address History, should i put the year down as 1997 or 2011(18th bday) in the “Since when” column?