Question about Intra company Visa

Hi all,

I have a PR card that expires in Dec 2023. I have not moved to Canada from the US yet. Now my company wants me to go to Canada as there is an open role in Toronto. Since, I have not met the residency obligation of the PR. Is my only option to give up the PR and let my company apply for an Intra company transfer? Will my spouse be allowed to work on the ICT dependent visa? or does she have to apply for her own work permit? Any tips will be useful.

I am planning to speak to my company immigration early next week so any tips would be appreciated.

Thank you

You can still go on your PR and start working in Canada. The problem will be after the PR expires as you won’t be able to renew it in lieu of not meeting the residency obligations.
Your company’s immigration team might be able to confirm if you can still use the ICT WP route in spite of having an unexpired PR. But if you are able to get the ICT, your spouse will also be eligible for an open work permit which needs to be filed separately (either at the same time as your ICT application, or later).
Keep in mind the long wait times to get the spousal work permits approved these days given the backlog created by the pandemic.