Question around CRS scores (and IELTS)

hi all,

We took our IELTS test(s) a few weeks back. Mine - overall 8 (8.5/7.5/8.5/8), my wife’s score is Overall 7.5 (8/6.5/8/8). I have a MS plus 6+ years work exp here in the US, she has PhD plus ~3 years work ex here in US (plus few in India).

I worked in Canada on Work Permit back in 2007-2008 but it was ~4 months only, so it was not significant in CRS tool anyway.

When I tried via CRS tool for joint application - the total score came to 454. Looking through the various postings, and sites like this - - it seems to be a decent score. But I see here that many have re-taken IELTS if they have gotten less than 7. Should one of us re-take IELTS? What benefit would that have on the overall score?

Any thoughts on the profile as well as IELTS? If anyone wants me to DM more info, please let me know as well.

Hi @akc5247, looking at the score I don’t think either of you will have to take IELTS again. Current cut-off is 438.

thank you @ChinC, appreciate the quick response.

Not having to take the test again would in itself be a relief!

I don’t see any reason for retaking the test. Your invite is only a few days away after you get in the pool.

thank you @puneet.arora