Question on goods allowed to import (Mattress, Spices etc)

I looked up here on the forum for list of items you can bring to Canada. Skimmed through few posts and got really good information but still have some Questions on goods allowed to import on PR

  1. Can we import Used mattresses from US to Canada in ReloCube?or do I have to get the mattress fumigated? I read on Canada gov that if you are coming to Canada as a settler(Assuming on PR) you do not need to fumigate mattresses. There’s no clear definition of settler
  2. Can I bring dry spices and dry groceries? E.g. Spices nuts and grains?
  3. How detailed goods to follow list should be?

@ChinC and others, I noticed this mentioned on my UPack confirmation as well, is this required?

Used mattresses must be cleaned and fumigated with
a certificate to verify cleaning.

I did NOT fumigate the mattress. I shipped my mattress in a vacuum-sealed cover. May be I got lucky but No Questions were asked.

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