Question on ITA acceptance, document upload

While uploading documents for the Express Entry ITA confirmation, there are multiple rows for same documents, e.g. for police certificate , there are 3 rows for my case. (I assume this is because i lived in three countries over last 10 years as per my history).

My question is : how do I know which row is for which country?
I mean where should I put USA (in Police ceritificate, or Police certificate 1 or 2 ? )

Or all 3 need to be merged in one file and uploaded in any one or all of them ?


Exit and login again

You will see which PCC to upload on which box.

Thanks @sher.sfo , I did login again but still see the same issues.

Did you or anyone else had this issue ? Not sure if it is worth reporting as technical issue ?

I saw the issue, but I think I re logged in to resolve it.

In my case it was happening when i was moving back and forth from one page to another.

Try with different browser as well.

In my last 4 logins over the past 2 days, once I have seen the correct name and details, every other time it was problematic as I mentioned.

Thanks for your advise @sher.sfo, just took the screenshot to have a reference in case it happens again.