Question on Personal History : Travel History


Have a question regarding the Personal History : Travel History section.

It asks for :

" Provide details of any trips XXXXXXXXXXX has taken outside his/her country of origin or of residence in the last ten years (or since his/her 18th birthday if this was less than ten years ago). Include all trips: tourism, business, training, etc. "

My case is that my country of origin in India and country of residence is USA (like most of us here). So, I have filled details about my personal/tourism trips to countries outside of USA/India in this section.

However, do we need to fill in any details about job related stays also here in this section ?

I was working in UK for some years in the last 10 years.

Do I need to put that as part of my personal travel here also?

That is covered by the UK PCC and Work related history, but not sure if it needs to come here.


In the travel history post ITA, you should mention about ur stay in UK, and I think while completing the form it will give u an option to add the purpose of ur travel.

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@sher.sfo and others

in the case above, are we required to provide details of all travel between home country (India) and country of residence ( USA) also ?

Yes. They need you to declare teh USA travel as well or they may consider the omission misrepresentation. Show all your travel from your home country regardless of purpose or destination.

yes, did that. thanks for response.