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I would like to know if there is a way of getting through express entry / pnp for score 408 . I have scored max ielts , but based on the age factor, bachelor degree , I cannot earn more points . I am on H1b and completes 6 years next beginning of year .Please suggest

check if your spouse has masters degree… or if you have multiple degrees or diploma and check again if you really maxed out on ielts score…
otherwise only way to add more score would be to learn french and give TEF (french test) as second language test after ielts

Hi ,

How about pnp ?

oh yeah… thats the best route if you manage to get… usually OINP is given above 400… but this year trend has been higher… you should keep your profile created and may get PNP… check history of OINP results to understand when and who got it.

Probably easier to get a Masters degree in Canada than learn French :laughing:


Ha ha… Tell me about it! I have been trying to learn French and I am still trying to grasp the basics after 3 months of daily practice :roll_eyes:

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If you don’t have any province restrictions, you might be able to get PNP from provinces other than Quebec, Ontario and perhaps British Columbia. Just do your research on the different provinces and figure out which ones would be a good fit for you.

Another option as @avj mentioned, try to apply for a Masters program in Canada and then eventually apply for PR.

Why not Pnp from Ontario ? Could you please clarify?

The PNP cutoff for Ontario has been higher this year, I think in the 430s. Try calculating the points for each of the provinces you are interested in and see if you could have made the last few cutoffs.

I had checked the ontario and it doesnt specify any CRS score for latest months -

Look at the HCP stream. It has the cut-offs listed

@mrandmrs Ontario hasn’t had even a single non-targeted draw for HCP since end of feb. Do you know what could be the reason? Is it possible that there yearly quota for EE HCP has been met already?

No idea. I haven’t really paid much attention to the PNP processes.

A job offer anywhere in Canada will add 50 more marks and that should be enough to get through the express entry draw…

Hello Anshul,

I would like to know how should i key in my EE profile, if one of my job experience is mix of full time and part time. Like how many entries should i make?
Here is my total experience: (Total experience : Sept 2011 to March 2014)

The break up:

Sept 2011 to Oct 2013 - Full time (45 hrs)
Nov 2013 - Part time (22.5 hrs)
Dec 2013 to Jan 2014 - Full time (45 hrs)
Feb 2014 to March 2014 - Part time. (22.5 hrs)

Should i enter one entry in EE profile and explain in LOE or should i make multiple entries. Please guide me. Thanks a lot Anshul.

Part time counts as half. So 2 months part time = 1 month full time. Add in full time experience as normal.
If you have worked for different employers you need to create separate entries. If you work for same employer in mix of part time and full time do what I said earlier.

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