Question regarding proof of funds, ITA under pnp

I got pnp approved from New Brunswick than got ITA under pnp in my express entry profile,
During pnp process the officer asked me to show proof of funds even though in nb pnp eligibility requirements it said we don’t have to show pof if we are already working in canada, i had to get money from my brother as a gift and show pof because the officer said she will not proceed with my application without pof.
During eAPR after paying application fees and everything i only had 11,500$ remaining so i only showed a bank statement with that funds and submitted my pr application now my question is will it be a problem because i showed full required funds that is 12,670$ for nb pnp but not in pr application
Iam already working full time in New Brunswick in a NOC B job from 2years
I am really confused, shd i withdraw my pr application and send again with the required funds or just leave it as it is

Leave as is. Proof of funds is just to show you can take care of yourself of a year until you have a steady job /settled in