Questions about education credentials post ITA

Hi all,

I would really appreciate any information you can give me regarding a few questions below.
I have claimed points for my highest degree (2 years MS in USA) and also have an ECA for the same.
But I don’t have an ECA for my Bachelors degree ( 4 years BE in India).

In the post ITA application,

  1. I have listed only my Masters degree in the Education history section. Is this fine?

  2. However, in the Personal Activities section at the end of the application, I have included my Bachelors degree under Educational Activity category. (since it falls in the 10 year period of activities that I am supposed to list). So, when I upload documents for proof of Education,

a) upload only Master’s degree certificate and transcripts?

b) upload both Master’s and Bachelor’s degree certificate and transcripts with marksheets?

c) If I am not required to upload Bachelors degree documents, do I need to provide and LoE for the same?

  1. Also, while uploading proof of education documents, is it required to upload ECA report copy and IELTS results ?

When I applied I added all three degrees and ECAs so my experience is a bit different that other people here who can answer your question better and correct me if I’m wrong. So you should wait for someone who has gone through this exact same process and wait for their experience. Nevertheless, this is what I think:

  1. That should be fine since you only claimed points for Masters. In post-ITA documents list it should only give you one upload button (for Masters degree+ECA+transcript pdf file).

  2. See (1), thus (a) should work. Since you are adding that you have bachelors degree, technically you’re not hiding or misrepresenting anything. You may do ( c) and add the explanation that you were not sure how to upload BE degree documents so you added it to LoE. They may just ignore it if they think it’s unimportant.

  3. Does the final document upload page have a section for IELTS (I don’t recall) ? Then upload IELTS scan. If not, dont. Afai remember IELTS and proof of education are two separate things. For proof of education make one PDF with ECA+MSdegree+MStranscript and upload that.

Again, wait for someone who has submitted similar application recently for their experience.

Thanks for the quick response Anshul.

The final document upload list does not have a placeholder for IELTS results.
It does make sense that I don’t need to include IELTS report in the Proof of Education upload section.

As I have already provided the TRF number in the application, I guess that should be enough right?

@kmsshru I too have 2 year Masters in US and 4 year BE in India. I’ve ECA only for my Masters. I’m yet to submit my application but this is what I’m doing. Add ONLY the masters degree under ‘Study and Languages’ section. In personal history, add info about Bachelors. In the document upload screen for education, add Masters degree, Masters ECA document, Masters transcripts and Bachelors degree as a single pdf. I’m not sure about adding IELTS - it shouldn’t be necessary.

@th1ru so to confirm, you are uploading a copy of your Bachelors degree certificate only, along with Masters documents. You are not including a copy of transcripts for bachelors degree right?

@kmsshru I checked a few forums after reading your question and decided to upload Bachelors transcript too. If you don’t have the soft copy, my personal opinion would be to not put in the effort to upload it.

Yes TRF should be enough for IELTS.

The only thing I’m worried about is if CIC misconstrues that you are trying to claim points for Masters and bachelors by uploading both documents. If you have one slot for the degree you claimed in EE profile then upload the documents only for that degree.

You may add whatever extra you want in letter of explanation (including other degrees in the letter of explanation).


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There is an additional document upload option where one can upload supporting documents. I’d add a cover leave and combine all additional documents list it out and upload it.

Make sure whatever you upload has a justification / cause for upload.

One thing to note: the ECA will state that you have a bachelors, it might make sense to include the diploma alone.

seems logical to me. That’s the reason I feel I should just include a copy of my bachelor’s degree along with an LoE explaining that this degree was not ECAed and its just for their verification purpose wrt the details provided in the personal activities section.
It would be reassuring if someone in a similar situation can confirm this. I will wait for a few more days.


In the post ITA document list, I don’t see a separate upload link for IELTS report.Where do we upload the report for IELTS- under the education section or additional?

You only need to give the report number, IRCC can verify on their own.

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If you want to upload there will be an additional documents link when uploading documents you can upload there. But as @avj mentioned by providing your report number, they can reference.

Hi @kmsshru, I am in the exact same boat as you were when you posted this question. Just wondering what you decided to do and what worked?

Hi @sgcanad, As of now I have uploaded the following documents - Masters Degree certificate, Transcripts, WES ECA and IELTS report. I have explained in the LoE as to why I have not provided Bachelor’s degree proof as well. This seemed the most logical thing to do. I am still waiting for a decision on my application. Hope that helps.

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@kmsshru thank you so much for your quick response. That was helpful. Did you upload your bachelors degree and the LOE in the supporting documents section? Also just out of curiousity, when did you submit your application? Also trying to understand how long the processing time is currently.

@sgcanada,anytime :+1:t3:
I did not upload my bachelor’s degree copy. I have mentioned in detail about it in the LoE. Also, the details are already part of the last 10 year activities section in the application.
I submitted on July 8th and as per the trend I see, application will definitely take the 6 month duration as CIC says. Application processing also varies depending on the category. Mine is FSW residing in India and hopefully expecting a decision by November or December.

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Hi @kmsshru, Sorry to bump this thread up.

I am in the same boat as you were, Masters from Canada (only claimed Masters, i.e, did not mention bachelors anywhere except in personal information).

Because my masters is from Canada, I don’t need an ECA for it. So I plan to upload my degree + transcripts in the education details section. Did you have any issue not uploading your bachelors?

Thanks in advance,

Hey @karth1337,
I had no issues , I clearly mentioned the same in the LoE that I am not claiming any CRS points for Bachelor’s degree. Advice you to do the same.

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