Questions around Express Entry Profile for Kids?

Hello Team,

I have one question on applying for PR.

  1. When we create express entry profile, do we need to create entries for kids too? My kids are 5 years and 5 months old US citizens and am not sure in terms of process for them to get PR, I looked around at this forums but am not able to get clear answer, if someone can share some light on it.


You said you had a few questions I only see one. Yes you have to add your kids too. I also had 2 kids when we applied. The process is exactly the same US citizenship does not change anything. Your entire family will get PR, each person on the application will get their own independent PR Cards. Additionally if your wife chooses to give the IELTS and get degrees certified (assuming you are principal application) you will get extra points for her.

Keep in mind where it says number of family members include yourself so for you it seems the number is 4.
Also you will need to show Proof of Funds for a family of 4.

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Thank you .

If I understand correctly, only process is to add kids on Express Entry Profile as dependents and no additional things needs to be done and details of only primary applicant needs to be provided.

Do we need to get police verification for kids too? I think, we would need Medical examination for kids too but it there anything else that we need to keep in mind for kids?

Also, are there any special medical exam that we would need to do or normal physical is what CIC is looking for?

I don’t think you need police clearance for kids :smiley:. @anon25417004?

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No police clearance for under 18. You would need a medical exam of them too. Also make sure you have their passports ready. Sometime for very young kids people don’t yet have passports. You will need those to apply.

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Thanks @anon25417004, big thumps up for passport comments