Questions on Education History in Express Entry Profile


I have the following questions regarding the Education History Section in Express Entry profile:

  1. I have a BE in Electronics and Communication and a Masters in Computer Engineering.
    Which option has to be selected for “Field of Study” question in both the cases ?
    The options are given in the screenshot below:

  2. Am I supposed to mention the name of the college or the name of the university from which I got the engineering degree? I studied in an engineering college from Bangalore but my university was Visvesvaraya Technological University located at Belgaum. In addition to this should I mention Bangalore or Belgaum as the “city of study”?

While creating EE profile you should only add the education and work experience for which you are claiming points (e.g. only US masters degree for which getting ECA is a lot simpler). You are supposed to provide the ECAs for all education, and reference letters for all job positions you add during EE profile creation.

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Thanks Anshul. That makes things clear about what should be added there.
But however, which is the closest option to pick up from the drop down menu for Masters in Computer Engineering (“Field of Study”). Is Computing/Information Technology a right option or should I just choose “Other” ?

Computing, IT should be OK.

I am creating an EE profile. I have a Master’s degree in computer science. Which ‘field of study’ should I select in education history? Should I select ‘Computing/Information Technology’ or ‘Science, Applied’ ?